Electric Callus Remover by Care me

Being an esthetician I have never used an electric Callus Remover because we were taught differently in cosmetology school like 30 years ago but this Callus Remover By Care Me is simply fantastic!!  I got the purple one and I am totally in love with it!!  It feels very cool when using it on my feet and my feet look so smooth and soft.
The battery is a premium nickel-hydride battery which lasts longer and is environmental friendly.  It seems to be very powerful little callus remover.  I used it on my heels after soaking my feet in solution for pedicure and it took off the dead skin and made my heels feel very smooth.
The callus remover has a led light on it that is red while it is charging and turns green after it is charged.  The cord on the charger is quite long making it easy to charge anyplace.
It comes with two grinding roller heads.
It as well comes with the cleaning brush that you can clean the roller head with.
In addition, it comes with a protective cover for when not in use.
The Care Me Callus Remover is two speeds.  I used them both when I did my feet.
The packaging is a very beautiful box and great for gift giving.  I think any man or women would love to have this as a gift seeings the holidays are right around the corner.
Care Me’s goal is to give you the best experience and I can safely say that has been accomplished.  Truly love this Care Me Callus Remover.
I received my Electric Callus Remover by Care me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review and opinion. I think it is an OUTSTANDING electric rechargeable callus remover and I highly recommend it!! 5++
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