Aquagenix Razor 15 Arch Extension Arm

This is the BEST extension I have ever installed, and I have been doing DIY for well over 30 years now so I have installed quite a few of them.

This Aquagenix® Razor 15″ Arch Extension Arm is Chrome Plated and made of plastic, but honestly you would never know it by looking at it. It looks exactly like chrome.

It is very simple and easy to install even for the non-pro DIYer. I had this in place in less then 5 minutes and it does not leak at all.

The arm is adjustable for height and position of shower head. This is great f you are a tall person, like my husband who is 6’2″.

It is 15″ so it is long enough in case you need your shower head out more from the wall like in my case when I redid my ensuite. I installed a arc1st curbless shower floor pan and the drain was out 22″ so I needed to bring my shower head out at least 21 to 24 inches so that when you turn on the shower the water is over the drain. This extension arm worked so perfectly it was almost like it was made just for my ensuite and at the right time.

This extension arm is very well made and very sturdy even though it is made of plastic, you really would never know it. It is attached to a metal chrome extension arm on my shower (Let it RAIN in Your Shower Square  and Let it RAIN in Your Shower Round) and you would never be able to tell that it is plastic chrome plated.

I would call this Aquagenix® Razor 15″ Arch Extension Arm very high quality from my experience.

I would as well recommend this product to anyone, even if you are not a DIYer, because it is very easy to install.

The extension arm comes packaged very nicely in a box and comes with instructions.


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